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5 Ways to Celebrate a Certified Nursing Assistant This Week

This week is National Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Week and Avanza Training is so excited to celebrate all of its amazing past and present caregivers who are making a difference in the lives of so many.

But how do we celebrate those who do so much for us already?

  • Social media shoutout

In a world where everything is online, giving your favorite CNA a social media shoutout is a great way to publicly acknowledge all of the amazing work they do! #CNAWeek #IloveaCNA

  • Handwritten thank you note

A handwritten thank you note can go a long way in making a CNA’s heart smile. They can save this letter or hang it up at their desk or in the car as a daily reminder that they are appreciated. It’s a free and easy way to show your appreciation.

  • Group gift

What better way to show your appreciation than to give a gift to the CNA you know and love with a group of friends/family members. This gift can be a new stethoscope, compression socks, or whatever you see fit to show your deep appreciation and recognition. Check out this Pinterest board for gift giving inspiration.

  •  Food

Whether it be a home cooked meal after a long day, a lunch box filled with their favorite meal, or taking your loved one out during National Certified Nursing Assistant Week to recognize all they do – food is a great way to thank a CNA during this week-long celebration.

  • Time to relax

As busy as CNA’s are with their daily workload, offering them a night “off” or a night to relax is a meaningful way to show your gratitude for all Certified Nursing Assistants do, day in and day out.

Avanza Training is proud to be training the next generation of caregivers with locations in Colorado Springs and Denver. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a CNA in Colorado we encourage you to visit our website and learn more!