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Why Do You Love Avanza Training?

Avanza Training

What makes Avanza Training special are the people, the instructors, and the passion we all have for providing care. As we continue to train the next generation of caregivers, it’s important that we continue to share all of the amazing feedback we receive.

“Everything about Avanza Training, from the office support to the instructor to the facility, sets you up for an incredible CNA school experience. Holly is so responsive to enrolling students and answering questions. Larry is such a patient, experienced, and knowledgeable instructor, he is one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of knowing! He is great at making sure each student has a great school experience and is willing to take the extra time to make sure students are truly prepared for their state exams. Classes are relatively small and very flexible: weekday, weeknight, & weekend, and so fast!! Thank you, Avanza, for your amazing work!!!” – Jessica M.

“I’ve taken around 10 CPR classes over the years and this was by far the best. Donya is a tremendous instructor and the practice mannequins are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The real-time feedback they provide for the students is just fantastic. I also appreciated the extra time Donya took with my son after he performed poorly on the written test at the end of the class. She read through every question with him, along with every answer choice, to make sure he understood them. Once she did this, he got every single answer correct! This was above and beyond service and was appreciated more than you can imagine!!” – Joy B.

“Taking an accelerated two-week course can be very intimidating. However, Donya is an excellent teacher and guides you through each step. I recently passed her class, and honestly passing the test was easy as long as you listened! My fiancé recommended me to Avanza, and I must say we both enjoyed our separate classes. Totally recommend this place to anyone interested in being a CNA.” – Tabitha W.

“The best thing about the training program was the realization of how involved resident care is!” – Anonyms Alumni

Why do you love Avanza Training?

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