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CNA Written Exam Prep

Upon embarking on a transformational journey to becoming a healthcare professional at Avanza Training, students take their first step toward becoming Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). A testament to their dedication, aspiring CNAs must pass a comprehensive CNA written exam and a rigorous practical exam. But Avanza Training’s guidance doesn’t begin and end within the classroom – we’re here to ensure that taking and passing your written exam is easy.

Avanza Training CNA Written Exam Prep

First things first, prioritize your mental and physical health. It’s important to remember that a healthy body creates a healthy mind. No matter what CNA written test study tips we share throughout this blog, take care of yourself first. 

CNA Written Exam Prep Tip #1 

For tip #1, Avanza Training encourages students to eliminate distractions and create a healthy, safe study environment. 

“Make sure you have enough space on your desk to spread your textbooks and notes. Ensuring that the room is sufficiently bright and your chair restful enough are also points to consider. Pay attention to details that can distract you and remove them from your study space. Make sure that you feel comfortable in your study space and that you are able to focus. For some individuals, this may mean complete silence, while for others listening to music helps. Some of us need complete order to focus, while others like to study in a more cluttered environment. Make sure your study space is friendly and pleasant so that you can fully concentrate.”

Humanitas University 

CNA Written Exam Prep Tip #2 

When studying, take breaks! No, seriously, we mean it! Taking breaks not only allows you to give your body a rest but allows you to come back to the study material feeling fresh. 

“Studies have shown that wakeful rest plays just as important a role as practice in learning a new skill. Rest allows our brains to compress and consolidate memories of what we just practiced.”

Harvard Summer School, Harvard Division of Continuing Education 

CNA Written Exam Prep Tip #3

With several written practice exams existing, Avanza Training recommends you take a CNA practice exam several times before the big day. 

See a list of free practice tests and resources below: 

In tangent to taking CNA written practice exams, we encourage students to create study guides and use those to prepare for the CNA written test. 

Creating a hand-written study guide you made will help you memorize what is in the guide and in turn, questions students hope to see on the test. Significant research says hand-taking notes during classes will also help memory. Share your personal CNA journey with Avanza Training and help future caregivers. Please submit your story today to or tag us on social media @avanzatraining.