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Healthcare Career Advice for Graduates

Advice for graduates

You have just completed your coursework and passed your state exams to become a professional healthcare worker! Congratulations! What’s next? Avanza Training is here to offer advice for graduates that will set them up for success as they begin their careers.

First things first, creating a robust resume and utilizing employment websites to begin your career search is a great place to start.

Career advice for building your resume

While no resume is the same, all have similarities that help individuals get their foot in the door for an interview, and ideally hired into a position they are excited to accept. A few tips on creating a robust and enticing resume include:

  • Listing out your education and professional training along with any recognition, awards, or honors
  • Include both soft skills and hard skills
  • Be sure to list out your internships and/or residencies
  • Craft a well-written “About Me” section including your passion for the career field
  • Include a picture of yourself to add that personal touch

We encourage all new grads to visit the websites below and set up a profile to be recognized by recruiters!

  • Vivian – an employment platform for healthcare professionals
  • LinkedIn – build and engage with your professional network
  • Indeed – a great employment platform for all career areas
  • ZipRecruiter – an employment search engine


Stay in touch with your mentor, seek new mentorship, and join a group of newly graduated professionals 

Additional healthcare career advice for graduates includes mentorship and support groups!

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I have a mentor?
  2. If so, have I stayed in touch with them recently?
  3. Am I still receiving the knowledge and information I would like from them?
  4. If not, what am I looking for in a mentor? What avenues can I take to find a new mentor?

Beginning with these questions will help you in your path to seeking mentorship, consistently.

But if you do not have a mentor, how do you find one?

We recommend starting with past professors, and professionals you have worked with during your internship/clinicals/residencies or asking those close to you if they know anyone who may be interested and a good fit.

Another resource for finding a good mentor and group of like-minded individuals may be joining a professional group. Sometimes these groups may be associated with your school. But another way to find these groups may be through Facebook groups or LinkedIn groups.

Being part of an online group will help you find your footing as you kickstart your healthcare career and may also help you find a perfect job!


Shoot for the moon and land upon the stars

As a new grad, talking about yourself and your experience can prove difficult and in some cases, nerve-wracking. But – trust us – YOU GOT THIS! Your hard work, dedication, and hours spent studying are paying off and you have what it takes to care for patients in need!

We are so proud of you!