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How to Ace Your CNA Written Exam

Written Exam

After 40 hours of theory, 20 hours of skills, and 16 hours of clinicals at Avanza Training, students are required to complete and pass a written and practical exam to become a Licensed Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Each exam focuses on various topics and practices needed to successfully become a CNA. But our guidance doesn’t begin and end within the classroom – we are here to ensure taking and passing your written exam is made easy.

Read below for helpful tips on how to ace your CNA written exam.

Create a study guide and study in increments

Successfully taking a written exam begins before the test booklet opens. Creating a hand-written study guide, created by you, will help memorize what is in the guide. There is significant research that says hand-taking notes during classes will also help memory. Learn more.

Studying in small increments can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. A common technique for this is called the Pomodoro Technique. Read about how beneficial this technique can be here.

Prioritize your physical and mental wellbeing

It’s in every exam prep blog and book, but sleep, healthy eating, and exercise is important to keep up with, even amidst the chaos of studying. Set daily goals for yourself to get up and moving.

A healthy body creates a healthy mind.

Save the difficult questions for last

When taking the written exam, a common and effective multiple-choice strategy is to go through what answers come naturally, and circle back to the more difficult ones. It is also encouraged to read directions carefully as some questions might be worded more intricately than others. Saving the more difficult questions for the end saves time and keeps your brain from feeling “burnt out” two questions into the written exam.

Clues can be within the test 

According to Premier Nursing Academy, “some questions contain cues that can help you answer other items. If two answers are similar, pay very close attention to the details.”


YouTube is your best friend

Depending on the state you reside in, CNA exam qualifications may vary. There are a plethora of videos, tips, and information on YouTube created by recent graduates, CNAs, or content creators doing research. For example, in the below linked video, YouTuber Esty Nistor shares her CNA exam experience with hopes to help others achieve their dreams. Watching a video like hers can help you know what to expect and not feel like you are alone during this transition into a new career.

Written Exam

But most importantly, take a deep breath, relax, and be confident in the hours of hard work and studying you’ve spent to become a CNA. YOU are in control! Conquering the written exam is just a small obstacle to achieving your healthcare dreams.

You can do it.

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